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I've read in reviews, and heard on my test that is own drive that the S4's
Supercharger is very peaceful, on the verge to be undetectable.

read reviewI have constantly enjoyed the noises
my cars make. Hell, among the mods I became planning for my STI was straight-cut
gears simply because I adored the sound.

Are you able to modify the vehicle to obtain that Supercharger
sound back? I understand on my previous Turbo vehicles,
removing the consumption Silencer would do miracles for the induction sound,
but my only Supercharged vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, is quite loud,
so I don't have much experience with them.

Should you want to have more supercharger whine, without
making whatever else louder, you then should choose a good cold atmosphere intake.
Lots of people prefer to fit an Alta cold air intake kit –
because these are the loudest. Crucial advice from fosterscmods that
there's usually a synthetic filter behind the intake, and in case you remove this when fitting a intake
that is new will also result in the supercharger sound louder.

how to make supercharger whine louder

Including a pulley can additionally make the supercharger whine sound clearer.

They can be a good alternative to an Alta – but any cold air intake will probably make a difference if
all you have now is the stock fitting if you
can source an H&K.

In the event that you fit just the pulley, without the intake,
you will probably notice some difference to how a automobile noises but it'll
be slight. It’s a tiny improvement in pitch and
volume and not the clear but smooth whine that a lot of individuals are searching
for once they fit a cool air intake kit.
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EDIT #2: therefore it was taken by me to an sound pro.

We've come to the final outcome though it goes away when we disconnect the front cables) that it is not coming AT ALL
from the power wires (goes away when RCA's are disconnected) and it is
not coming from the RCA cables as the whining is in the front,
no matter the configuration of the RCA's to the amp(even. Power line sound filters didn't work, ground cycle isolators did not work, no RCA noise(even with
the cable operating outside of the motor car it still whines exactly the same).

Just thing I am able to think about left: either the
head device is picking up noise(but i am not sure since the rear crossover
speakers don't whine) or the inductors (coils of magnet wire-basically an electromagnet) in the front side presenter
crossovers are picking up the interference. I'll try and
Faraday cage the crossovers with aluminum foil and ground it to see what happens.

EDIT(again): so ends up there IS whining coming from the straight back.
Eliminated grounding problems, but noticed the resistance between the RCA shields and also the relative mind unit ground
is 3 Ohms. Higher than it should be, however, if we run a cable
through the shields towards the ground it does not get
rid of the whining. One concern I have actually, nonetheless, may be the length
of my amp's ground cable. Does anyone understand in case a ground that is
too long may cause noise(it is going directly to the battery).