Terracotta Panel Exteriors - 7 Super Advantages

    Hamrick Underwood
    By Hamrick Underwood

    Terracotta has indeed been used as a building material since time immemorial, but its use is no longer restricted to traditional or ethnic buildings. This versatile material is also being used by architects who are engaged in building contemporary structures. In fact, it is becoming extremely common these days to see terracotta panel exteriors because this material offers many important advantages over other building materials that are commonly in use.

    • Energy saving of up to 40% when compared with buildings that do not employ any sort of thermal isolation. This helps keep power bills down, thereby offering long term advantages.

    • Extremely low maintenance costs since this material does not get affected by exposure to rain or harsh sunlight. In fact, this material weathers very well and is the best choice in places that suffer extreme weather conditions. Terracotta Facade protects the structure of the building behind the façade since water does not come in direct contact with it, thereby reducing the need for repairs.

    • Installation is done very easily and workers do not require a great deal of skill to put the terracotta panels in place, thereby saving construction costs.

    • Terracotta louver and panel installations are very light and do not burden the structure of the building.

    • Insulation from sound, thereby making the interiors of the building very peaceful and quiet.

    • Availability of many gorgeous colors and surfaces, enabling the building to have a very attractive look. While different shades of red, brown and yellow are the most preferred options, terracotta lends itself well to any other color as well. These tiles and lovers can also be glazed for an even better look. This material enables architects to express their creativity in many interesting ways.

    • Cost effectiveness when compared to most other surface cladding materials.

    As you can see, this material offers a great many attractive advantages to builders, architects and designers. As a matter of fact, a terracotta panel façade is a good choice when one wants to renovate the exteriors of a building without spending a great deal of money or taking up a lot of time; the new façade is easy to install and the building will look completely different once it is in place. It is very important to buy terracotta panels and louvers from a reliable company that has a very good track record in the business. High quality tiles offer users all the advantages listed above and are easily available these days.